Why Work With a Commercial HVAC Service?

Our HVAC and appliance services help business owners and building managers increase the lifespan of their property’s commercial equipment and decrease operational expenses. Businesses that have employed preventative maintenance programs show significant reductions in their overall maintenance costs. When additional factors are included such as prolonged equipment life as well as less energy use, system downtime and disruptions to building operations, our clients have seen their costs reduced as much as 50 percent compared to organizations that service their equipment on a reactive basis.

While considering your HVAC maintenance, consider the following:

As a building manager or business owner, you shouldn’t accept these circumstances. These expenses are known as the soft costs of a poorly maintained HVAC system.

Most businesses don’t include these soft costs in their monthly budgets, and they are unaware just how much it impacts their bottom line. This impact is particularly serious for business owners who are managing a retail store, a restaurant or a business where attracting and retaining customers plays a pivotal role in their success. Hiring an experienced commercial HVAC contractor such as Altemp Mechanical can help your business run efficiently.

Benefits of Employing a Commercial HVAC Service

We save you money

Consider the expenses that are spent in reaching out to a technician for an emergency as soon as you experience a breakdown or the consequences of having your HVAC equipment not function for a few days.

An HVAC system is similar to a car – the more you ignore it, the worse the issue gets, increasing your costs significantly. Put simply, HVAC maintenance saves energy. When it comes to addressing your HVAC needs, you need to hire experienced HVAC contractors who can service your system regularly. We identify small issues and make sure that they are addressed swiftly.


We have certified contractors

Our contractors have done all the training and possess all the relevant certifications that are required in Minnesota. Reputable HVAC maintenance companies always send experienced contractors to your workplace. Everyone has gone through rigorous training sessions. You can be confident that you are receiving a high-quality service.

We are quick

If an air conditioner or heater malfunctions or breaks down in a home, the residents can handle the situation and wait patiently for the repair service to arrive without having other worries. However, you cannot afford the same luxury in a commercial setting.

A malfunctioned HVAC system can reduce your organizational productivity as your employees will find it hard to work in uncomfortable situations. Customers will also find it hard to remain in your building, causing revenue lost. You need to hire commercial HVAC contractors as we are aware of the importance of your HVAC maintenance and will reach your location quickly.

We can handle complex systems

Commercial HVAC systems don’t only require larger spaces for heating and cooling; they have specialized requirements depending on the business. For example, computers generate a large amount of heat. A space having multiple computers needs a dedicated space to hold the servers as well as keep them cool enough.

In buildings that have more than one occupant, everyone has different needs as per their location, and businesses may modify requirements to adjust to the evolving demands. This is why you need a commercial HVAC contractor who can install your HVAC systems properly and have them meet your growing and shifting requirements.

We have in-depth knowledge

Ongoing HVAC maintenance can reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns by more than 90 percent. Skilled contractors possess all the necessary knowledge and equipment when it comes to repairing a commercial HVAC unit. Sometimes, business owners become overconfident and attempt to save money by doing all the repairs by themselves. But, without adequate system knowledge, they might worsen the existing flaws, adding more to the expenses. Work with commercial HVAC contractors who can analyze your system’s issues and repair them with effective procedures.



We can optimize indoor comfort

Experienced commercial HVAC contractors can optimize HVAC performance, and we are no exception. We can provide balanced humidity levels and consistent indoor temperatures in your building and eliminate cold and hot spots. With optimized indoor comfort, the air is fresh and clean without any foul odors.

We can reduce the frequency of breakdowns

When you have a business to run, no compromises can be made on interruptions caused due to your HVAC equipment’s malfunction. Sudden and unexpected issues are a major nuisance and can bring a halt to your operations for some time. To prevent such an event, you need to hire commercial HVAC contractors who can visit your premises twice a year and perform HVAC maintenance. These timely appointments can help you to identify developing issues and fix them before they can snowball into a problem of epic proportions.

We can detect carbon monoxide

Commercial HVAC contractors are well aware of the importance of carbon monoxide testing. We know that HVAC equipment is prone to leak dangerous fumes due when it malfunctions, and they can detect these leaks during regular checkups. Be mindful of the fact that carbon monoxide poisoning can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, and fatigue.

Your business operations rely on your ability to offer employees, customers and clients a comfortable indoor environment. Fortunately, Altemp is ready to help get your system back on to normal when it is not working. Calling us can dramatically reduce your downtime. With the right HVAC, refrigeration and appliance repair, service and installation team on your side, you can keep your business running effectively. To learn more or to schedule your service call, contact us online by calling 651-275-9111 today!