Varieties of Commercial Pizza Ovens

Choosing a commercial pizza oven can be a daunting task. There are so many models and options from which to choose that it can be a bit overwhelming. For starters, a pizza oven is different from a conventional oven in that it can cook at much higher temperatures. Some can go up to 700 degrees […]

Troubleshooting Your Glycol Cooling System

There are few things a beer-drinker hates more than beer that is not cold. Room temperature is simply not acceptable if you are looking for refreshment. That is why glycol systems exist. They keep beer cold so that bars can serve the frostiest beverages possible to their clientele. Unfortunately, if the glycol system is not […]

Meat Slicer Repair Services

Altemp Mechanical understands that when your meat slicer becomes inoperable, so does your business. This is one of the primary reasons why we employ technicians skilled in meat slicer repair who are more than capable of updating your appliances quickly and effectively. The staff members of Altemp Mechanical are specialists at what we do. This […]

Charbroiler Repair and Maintenance For Commercial Equipment

We are Minnesota’s go-to professionals when it comes to commercial charbroiler repair. Altemp Mechanical works with local restaurants, bars, diners, hotels, and any businesses that utilizes commercial kitchen equipment. We can repair, install and maintain countertop, drop-in, flat top and teppanyaki charbroilers. Read on to discover more of our charbroiler repair and maintenance services in […]