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5 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Refrigeration Professional

If you own a business, you know how much you rely upon your appliances to make it operate smoothly. If you own any type of food service business, commercial refrigeration is an absolutely critical component to the overall success of your organization. The significance of your commercial refrigeration appliances such as freezers, coolers, walk-in coolers, […]



Cooling Tips for Hot Homes You Can Do Today

Keeping your home cool in the summer can be challenging with the high temperatures of the outdoors. It is a constant battle to stay comfortable in the summer when your natural surroundings just keep getting warmer and warmer. Taking advantage of some of the cooling tips for hot homes below will help minimize the heat […]



The Real History of Air Conditioners

Americans frequently use air conditioners to combat dangerous heat levels and maintain a healthy balance of moisture in their homes during the summer months. While air conditioning is today regarded as a common convenience, the development of this cooling device has a long and storied history. Read on to discover more about he real history […]



5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

There are several ways to keep your home warm during winter. Many of these ways are home remedies that do not require you to make any changes to your furnace or heating system. By paying attention to your windows and the temperature of your home, you will be able to minimize the amount of heat […]



4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace or Air Conditioner

One of the biggest dangers in a home is using, or at least trying to use, a broken heating or cooling system. Below we discuss some of the biggest red flags that should alert you when you need a new furnace or air conditioner. With the gas that is used to keep these units running, […]



How to Maintain Air Conditioners During Summer

If you have an air conditioning unit, the chances are you will have it on full blast during a hot summer. Maintaining your air conditioning unit is vital if you want to keep it in full working order. That’s without mentioning that regular maintenance will make your unit last for much longer. Learn all about […]



What Your HVAC Contractor Can Do For You

As a homeowner, you should be careful when it comes to maintaining the security of your house. However, there are just some tasks that the average homeowner should not take on alone, such as maintenance, major repairs and-or replacing your HVAC unit. Many tasks should only be done by certified HVAC contractors. Why? It is […]



Why Furnace Repair Is So Important in Minnesota

A non-functioning furnace in the winter is simply not an option during the sub-zero temps that we experience here in Minneapolis. Getting your furnace checked each year is vital to surviving the freezing weather. If you own a storefront business, being prepared for the inevitable will give you the advantage over others that may have […]



Employee of the Month

Altemp Mechanical is proud to recognize Tim Smith as employee of the month.



The True Value of Efficient Residential and Commercial Heating in Minnesota

For those of us living in Minnesota, frigid cold weather during the winter months is nothing anyone is new to dealign with. In Minnesota, we appreciate all too well the true value of efficient residential and commercial heating during the winter. It keeps our homes and businesses comfortable, and your employees and shoppers happy while […]



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