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Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems For The Professionals

No matter your industry, it is important to ensure that any essential commercial refrigeration equipment is always operating safely and efficiently. This can be more challenging than you might expect because commercial refrigeration equipment endures demanding use. This can eventually wear down your system. To make sure major complications do not arise with your system, […]



Makeup Air Systems Repair and Installation

A working makeup air system is essential for sustaining the quality of the air in commercial structures. It will help maintain an appropriate air balance pressure throughout a building to regulate airflow. Simply put, it helps your staff and customers feel comfortable. Proper makeup air systems repair and installation is necessary to guarantee the system’s […]



Exhaust Unit Repair and Installation

Altemp Mechanical offers dependable commercial exhaust unit repair and installation in Minneapolis – St. Paul. When you work within rough chemical fumes, smoke or other air impurities, using a strong exhaust system is important for the wellbeing of your staff. Altemp has collaborated with a variety of companies to help them maintain their commercial exhaust […]



Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are increasing in popularity in the Twin Cities, and the reason why is understandable. They are extremely energy-efficient and provide an incomparable alternative to conventional heating and cooling selections. When a building’s temperature relies on an ineffective system, energy bills can rapidly increase. Ductless mini-split systems use less energy. […]



Improving Refrigerator Efficiency: What to Know

Because most refrigerators, ice makers, and freezers are constantly running, it is normal for these kitchen appliances to make up roughly fifteen percent of your building’s total energy bill. Such a significant percentage means that improving refrigerator efficiency will result in cost savings for your business. Improving Refrigerator Efficiency Installing an evaporative fan controller is […]



HVAC Fire Hazards and How To Handle Them

Did you know that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems pose a fire hazard to your building? It is possible for your air conditioning system catch on fire. Therefore to prevent damage and injury, it is important to be aware of HVAC fire hazards. Though the chances of a fire are low, the […]



Why Is My Thermostat Not Working? Experts Explain 3 Common Issues

Do you find that it is difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building, no matter what steps you take? Have you caught yourself asking, “Why is my thermostat not working?” If so, your building may be suffering from one or more of these common thermostat problems… Why Is My Thermostat Not Working? Reason […]



The Benefits of a Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioning System

Commercial air conditioning systems can be a pain due to their large units that take up a lot of space. When installed on the roof, however, they not only incur low installation costs, but come in a wide range of options and allow more versatility than many other commercial cooling systems. Read on to discover […]



Why is my Heat Pump Blowing Cool Air?

One of the most frustrating problems is when your heat pump begins blowing cold or cool air instead of warm air. This problem occurs more often than you may think. It can be caused by a number of issues. Below is a list of answers to the question: Why is my heat pump blowing cool […]



How to Manage Your Commercial HVAC Costs

There was a time when the cost of food was more expensive than energy bills. Today, the tide has changed. The cost of energy is ten times greater than what it was only a few years ago. Unfortunately, we cannot thrive without energy. It is used in so many applications, including cooling, heating, lighting and […]



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